sabato 2 luglio 2016

In volo su Leningrado

Volant sur Leningrad.
Flying over Leningrad.

sabato 11 giugno 2016


Humanoids publisher upcoming NEW edition of "The day of the magicians" drawn by me and written by Michelangelo la Neve.

 Iam very proud of this inroduction by Alejandro Jodorowsky that you can read below.

When the talented artist Arno tragically decided to leave this world, my series THE ADVENTURE OF ALEF-THAU was left an orphan.
For a long time I searched for someone who would be capable of recreating the world of our lost hero.Sadly, it was a fruitless task.
I had given up hope when I suddenly found in my hands a copy of THE DAY OF THE MAGICIEN, as drawn by Marco Nizzoli.
My melancholy was whisked away as under my very eyes ,beautiful pages presented themselves one after the other, full of gentleness and freshness of a child, yet vibrant with a mature elegance and sensuality.
Every panel was illustrated with exquisite taste and a perfect sense of balance.

The artist succesfully captured the most nuanced of corporeal manners with princely simplicity and confidence.I ventually met this creator whom I had long sought and we began to work together.
THE DAY OF THE MAGICIEN remains for me a secret garden and Nizzoli is its poet.When I feel depressed over my passing years, I hurry to read THE DAY OF THE MAGICIEN, and I am young again.
     Alejandro Jodorowsky

lunedì 16 maggio 2016

giovedì 7 aprile 2016

I gatti di Riga-white covers

Alcune "white covers" del graphic novel "I gatti di Riga" realizzate dal vivo.
White covers versions of "I gatti di Riga" I realized live for the readers.
Blanc couverture version de "I gatti di Riga" réalisé en direct pour les lecteurs.